Automated Weapon Security Inc.
     Automotive Gun lockers

​Rapid Deployment:
Our Cruiser gun lockers open by electrical impulse in 1 second,
By wireless remote or push button or both.They can hold a shotgun, rifle,pistol and ammo yet use no floor space.
​                Applications:

  Dodge Charger
  Dodge Challenger
  Chevy Impala
  Chevy Caprice
  Ford Explorer Pursuit with
  Spare tire access
  Ford Crown Vic
  Ford Pursuit
  Our products are designed and
      manufactured in the USA.
​   Our goal is to build innovative   
  quality products that address the
  needs of todays law enforcement

2012 Caprice
  2012 Caprice
  2010 Challenger
  2011 Charger

    2012  Caprice
        2010 challenger

 For Pistols
Suv Lockers
installation video
Crown Vic Interceptor Installation